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Individual Counsellling services in Hazyview & Bushbuck Ridge

Individual counselling or psychotherapy is for adults or children wanting to come to terms with things in their lives which are holding them back; or to make positive changes to an area, such as relationships. Individual counselling applies to a range of situations or environments.

Family Therapy in Hazyview and Bushbuck Ridge

Family therapy focuses on the relationships and needs of the family as a unit. Through working with the family as a whole system, I believe that people as well as relationships are interconnected. As with group and individual therapy, family therapy is used to approach a wide variety of therapeutic goals.

Couples Counselling services in Hazyview and Bushbuck Ridge

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counselling look at the dynamics between you and your partner and highlights areas that will improve the way in which you relate to each other. Throughout the process, issues which impact negatively on a relationship are addressed.

Substance Abuse Therapy in Hazyview

There are many different reasons why people experiment with drugs, whether it is out of curiosity, to ease stress or depression, because their friends are doing it, or in an attempt to improve physical performance.

Counsellling for the Elderly in Hazyview and Bushbuck Ridge

Aging is a natural process that may present challenges for some individuals and their families. Although many older adults look forward to moving from middle age into their later years, it may be difficult for others to adjust.

Bereavement Counsellling in Mpumalanga

If you've experienced the death of someone very close to you, you might be finding it very difficult to adjust to the immense changes happening in your life right now. Grief can shake everything up - your beliefs, your personality, and even your sense of reality.

Counsellling for Teens in Mpumalanga

Teen years are commonly a very difficult time in a young adult’s life. Internal changes, both physically and mentally, combined with external challenges might result in issues arising. Teenage depression is a common occurrence as there might not always be a person or support structure to turn to.

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