Family Therapy
Family Therapy in Hazyview and Bushbuck Ridge

Family therapy focuses on the relationships and needs of the family as a unit. Through working with the family as a whole system, I believe that people as well as relationships are interconnected. As with group and individual therapy, family therapy is used to approach a wide variety of therapeutic goals.

What to expect during family counselling?

I will help to identify the ways in which relationship and individual problems are caused by the family dynamics. For example, if a child is having emotional and/or social problems, I will focus on identifying the family patterns that have contributed to the child’s difficulty. This is a preferred method instead of helping the child alone through play therapy.

Why would my family need therapy?

I work intimately with the whole family to improve communication, issues and conflict. However each and every person in the family unit is different and a result, I have dealt with varying issues.

These may include:

  • Psychological disorders (addiction, bad eating habits)
  • Dealing with interactional and transitional crises (divorce, new additions to family)
  • Relationship problems within the family structure
  • It may also involve work with smaller sub- systems in the family. These may include siblings and parents as well as their relationships. This systemic approach may also extend itself to include the school or other areas.

Why does the entire family need to attend sessions?

Family counselling works effectively when families or individuals within the family structure experience or suffer with one or a number of issues. I believe that whether the problem lies with an individual family member or the entire family, everybody needs to be a part of the solution

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