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Individual Counsellling services in Hazyview & Bushbuck Ridge

Individual counselling or psychotherapy is for adults or children wanting to come to terms with things in their lives which are holding them back; or to make positive changes to an area, such as relationships. Individual counselling applies to a range of situations or environments.

These could include emotional support for learning difficulties, problem resolution, communication problems and a host of other potentially life changing difficulties.

Consulting a counsellor is not deserving of the stigma which is usually given to it. Seeing a therapist is a great and healthy way of dealing with issues which have an impact on your life. Whether it is a single problem or multiple levels of concern, the individual attending counselling can develop a greater range of coping skills to negotiate life more readily.

Common issues that are treatable with a trained counsellor are anxiety, depression, stress/anger management, communication problems, grieving, interpersonal conflict, eating disorders, substance abuse and addictions, emotional, behavioural and educational problems, sexual identity and sexual/physical abuse. Many people experience counselling as a secure place to share their deepest thoughts and feelings without judgment. The merging of past stories, events, feelings and traumas, with current emotions, patterns and events enables one to integrate the past and the present.

Everything discussed with me is 100% secure and I will not discuss it with anyone else. Your individual counselling sessions are exactly that; individual and no one will pass judgement on what you say.

Psychology is a very important part of what makes each and every one of us unique. I understand this, which is why I place so much emphasis on everyone’s well-being.

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