Substance Abuse Therapy
Substance Abuse Therapy in Hazyview

There are many different reasons why people experiment with drugs, whether it is out of curiosity, to ease stress or depression, because their friends are doing it, or in an attempt to improve physical performance.

Often this behaviour is a one-off or an infrequent activity that people dip in and out of; however, in some cases using drugs can lead to abuse. This is by no means automatic and there is no specific point at which drug using becomes an addiction.

Ultimately the spiral from casual use into drug addiction varies from person to person, and there are often several other factors at play contributing to an individual's dependence on the drug(s). It is when this dependence starts interfering with the 'normality' of life - affecting a person's relationships, health, well-being and their performance at school or work - that they are considered to be fully immersed in the negative cycle of drug addiction.

Treatment for drug abuse typically involves organised treatment programmes that include counselling, withdrawal therapy and self-help groups to help people overcome their addiction and resist using the drug in the future. The exact methods of treatment however will vary between individuals according to their personal needs and level of drug addiction.

In some cases a rehabilitation programme will be needed to help people who are dealing with severe addiction. For others, counselling is a highly effective means of recovery. Talking and behavioural therapies are most commonly used and these can be carried out in group or individual therapy. Sessions will be focused on teaching clients new ways of coping with drug cravings, whilst helping to tackle coexisting problems (if necessary) such as depression and anxiety. Cognitive behavioural therapy is often used for treating drug abuse as it enables people to recognise feelings, thoughts and situations that cause drug cravings. As a counsellor my aim is to help them avoid these triggers and replace negative thoughts and feelings with ones that are healthier.

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