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Counsellling for Teens in Mpumalanga

Teen years are commonly a very difficult time in a young adult’s life. Internal changes, both physically and mentally, combined with external challenges might result in issues arising. Teenage depression is a common occurrence as there might not always be a person or support structure to turn to.

However, in the bigger picture, there is often a variety of issues that teenagers are exposed to or might personally be dealing with.

In many cases, teens find themselves trying to make sense of a situation that is often out of their control:

  • Divorce
  • Teen Peer Pressure
  • Discrimination
  • Rape
  • Death
  • Family Issues

In the haze of confusion, looking for comfort or a “comfort zone” has the potential to steer an individual into a spiralling zone of self-damage:

  • Eating Disorders (weight gain and weight loss)
  • Substance Abuse
  • Self- Mutilation
  • Social Problems
  • Isolation
  • Suicide
  • Sex
  • Depression
  • Bullying

Teen psychology offers a positive platform and addresses not only current experiences and issues that might be troubling the teen, but the underlying problems that might have been the source of the problem.

Often when teen issues are left alone to “sort themselves out”, further and in many cases, critical damage is the result. However how do you identify teenage problems and the need for teen counselling?

Every teenager is different and so are their experiences in life. Common behaviours, attitudes and actions however often expose the underlying problems in one’s life. Certain common signs or symptoms often stick out when an individual, specifically a teen is going through a troubling time in their life.

These are different to the individual’s usual behavior and are often a sudden or heightened behaviour:

–  Irritability –  Sadness –  Anger –  Loss of interest in fun and usual interests –  Worthlessness –  Guilt –  Over sleep or under sleep –  Frequent headaches or physical problems –  Common crying –  Gain or loss of weight –  Loss in concentration –  Helplessness and hopelessness –  Death or suicidal thoughts –  Alcohol and substance abuse

Often one might identify with a few of these behavioural changes. The good news however, if that teen psychology is a thoroughly studied field that assists millions of teens across the world annually.

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